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Effective Solution to Recover Android Photos

Format the SD card carelessly, accidentally delete some perfect family photos, pictures suddenly become inaccessible…. Things like this happen occasionally. So many android users wondered is there a way to restore deleted or lost photos from an Android phone? Actualy, If the card is not physically damaged, you can get them back without any quality loss.

Luckily, here is an android photo recovery tool, that is iPubsoft Data Recovery. iPubsoft Data Recovery lets you restore lost pictures from Android devices, as well as messages, contacts and video.

And the next steps, follow me to leran How to recover deleted photo on Android phone.

Step 1. Run the program and connect your Android device to your computer
Download, install and run the program on your computer. Connect your Android device to the computer.

Step 2. Scan your Android device
Before the scan, click “Start” button on the program’s window to let it analyze your device .

Step 3. Preview and restore photos from Android
After scanning, the window will show you all the data found. You can preview all your pictures, as well as contacts and messages in the scan result. Then mark the data you want to restore and click “Recover” button to save them on your computer.

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How to print text messages from Android phone

As we known, Christmas is coming. Some people is worried about how to prepare a surprising gift. Flowers, Chocolate, wallet or lovely thing? No, it’s too common and appears in every holiday gift. Girls needs creative and sweet. Why not print out the sweet text conversations from your phone as a kind of memories.

Someone will say, that is too easily transfer message from android SD card to PC by using a USB cable. You’re totally wrong. In fact, only the multi-media files are saved in the external SD card and the text messages are stored in the internal storage. How to export the data from the internal storage? In order to achieve it , we need to a software called istonesoft android file manager which can transfer text from phone to pc.

Adroid file manager is a smart SMS backup and management software. It is an application designed for cellphones running android system. It allows you to transfer and backup your SMS messages between phone and computer / Mac. I think all android users should own such a powerful tool in case of need , because it is a rare good software.

Fast backup and restore speed
The way of backup Android text messages to computer
First, Contact your android to PC and install the toolTo get started, download and install this program on your PC. The program will automatically detect your device and display it. After finishing the installation, you ought to run it. Connect your Android phone to your PC via a USB cable or via Wi-Fi. You can see the PC interface like below:

Then, Backup text messages to PC from android

Have you find the “Contact” option? Click it. Then preview the contact list and select your wanted contacts, then run this tool. Now, you have finished backup the contact to PC from your android.
The last step, Print Your Messages Out
The text messages will be saved on your computer in file format, so you can print them out after opening it. Then all things have been done! Do you feel this tool very fast and convenient? It’s worth you have it to print your contact, photo, music for have a enjoying time.

With this print text from andriod to PC tool you can:
1. Backup and save all your android phone SMS to computer
2. View and edit exported text message on computer
3. See the SMS which you want to print by preview window
4. Restore SMS from computer to android phone
5. Transfer SMS into .db file and print it on computer
6. PC manage tool support txt, word, excel, csv, xml, html export
7. Support Android 2.1 Eclair/Android 2.2 Froyo/Android 2.3 Gingerbread
8. Support unlimited SMS backup& restore
9. Export SMS to .db file on computer
Android file manager can supports almost all Android phones, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorala, etc.

Analysts iOS Application Download Four Years and Break Through one Hundred Million

Can’t say enough: people do like mobile application;according to the Asymco Company Horace Dediu analysis, by 2017, apple fans, the iOS application download number will be broken diagram 100 million mark. Dediu is reviewed in recent data after growth, found that application of the rate of growth of download far above music and books and other media. Holiday season in 2012 most of the time, the application of downloads, has more than 65 million, and Dediu also speculate that the Apple Store will be the fastest in 2015 for the first time in, the download.

Absolute Hiding the King 007 Special Woollen Coat iPad Jacket

Fleece Jacket 7.0 wool Jacket coat comes from ScotteVest company brand design, specifically for IT electronics lovers, photographers and travelers to tailor. If you think this is a common coat, then you’d be wrong. Fleece Jacket 7.0 can not only the cold wind, built-in chest belt can no trace of Tibetan accept many items in the pocket. Such as, sunglasses, ball-point pen, go out will bring papers, note the notebook, iPhone and various size of iPad, key, mineral water and so on.

Fleece Jacket 7.0 coat mainly USES the Fleece, greatly small with a total of 23 hidden pocket can place items. Put on it, as many hidden inside the body organs. If go out to travel, even though the pickpocket met you also do not know how to start. Especially the iPhone pocket transparent surface can directly use finger to touch. If you feel hot, can the whole hand sleeve part is removed, as wool vest use.

Although Fleece Jacket 7.0 design, special concise, popular, as the saying goes “all that glitters is not gold”, it hide 23 secret pocket but ScotteVest take five years to elaborate design. As for 23 pocket where are hidden, be about to rely on you to grope for the. Fleece Jacket 7.0 wool Jacket coat, accepted “GEEK GEEK clothing of god”. At present there are three kinds of style, one blue and one black and red. The official is priced at $160.


Apple iPad Mini Is Successful Because It Is Expensive

“Look at iPad mini right, consumers is always willing to spend money to buy they think worth even value-added products. Now science and technology products are not the pursuit of the cheapest, the most easy production s, because people have known universal consciousness to a penny a point’s cargo truth”. This is the Wall Street journal editor Eric Kuhn has published a words, points out that the iPad mini one of the reasons for the success.

When the apple in the conference said $329 on the sale prices, how many people have to iPad mini disappointment? Because in small size flat field, in the market, such as Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 $199 products without not hang “price” slogan, apple had iPad mini will be the price so high, consumers can really to buy? Later the results we all know, iPad mini after listing can be said to be out of stock now.

The Apples in the iOS6.1 Add more Crack Prevention from Prison Break

According to the famous hackers i0n1c pushing the characteristic, apple in iOS6.1, join many anti cracking measures, let iOS6 escape from prison becomes difficult.

I0n1c says, apple in iOS6.1, increased more strict verification and protection of the safety system, let iOS6 escape from prison work become very difficult.

Hackers generally master some internal holes, can not escape the released the equipment use. Yet since iPhone5 since release, there has been no hacker publicly confirmed realizes iPhone5 escape from prison work.

Before Christmas List of Desire Winter Coat

Before Christmas, this period of time but shopping crazy with the best goods time oh, friends are early also began to wonder what should buy fashionable goods to reward yourself? Posters knitting knitting beat from Europe and the United States street snap find inspiration; we recommend for fall/winter 2012 the most worthy of investment items – high quality coat! Sweet system girl love princess wind A word coat, personality street girl but only love furry imitation wool coat; Supermodel Anja Rubik challenge super long pattern tweed coat, debutante Miroslava Duma loving gorgeous coat collars.

Moschino Cheap and Chic small pink skirt A word coat

Hoss Intropia ginger splicing coat

Anna Sui celadon panel feather coat

Minnetonka 2012 Christmas Series Shoes and Boots

Before you know it has arrived in December, 2012, the steps of the end of the world are becoming more and more close, you can choose how to spend this “last” time? Let us embrace each other, with warmth away lonely, enjoy the moment, is to meet the 2013 years! No matter whether the end of arrival, our Christmas and the Spring Festival or topic selection, cannot stop, in this case, we give the holiday injection more warm! This Christmas, is known as “soft leather shoes first brand” mini Minnetonka, will be originated from the United States Christmas warmth belt to China, with tassel, strings, fur and so on fashionable element makeup dot shoes, make your feet have unbeatable heart warm. This winter, mini Minnetonka invites you to feel strong in heart, warm in feet warm Christmas.

Christmas, we always love friends, lively and spend the. This year, let us away from the busy, throw bound, and our most close family, together with the experience of Christmas thick warmth. Mini Minnetonka for you particularly recommended card lish known (female)), skin ha line mocha (male)) and Caesar, general (male)). Mini Minnetonka special anti wool leather material, lining match with full cotton soft fur lining, let double foot have such as family-like comfortable, warm.

2012 the Best Plate Number one Should not iPad

Gizmodo media recently voted for the 2012 best tablet PC of the top ten, including Microsoft Surface top, Google Nexus 7 second, apple iPad Mini third.

In the selection, Microsoft on top Surface. Gizmodo said, although Microsoft Surface is not for consumers, but Surface launch new operating system and breakthrough technology keyboard, it will not necessarily become a tablet PC and bridge between the PC, but it is a kind of technology trends, a symbol of the epitome of computer science and technology development and prospects the future of the industry.

Google’s Nexus 7 second. Gizmodo pointed out that Google have pushed the Nexus 7, is still the top many tablet PC. Nexus 7 equipped with seven inches IPS touch the display screen, 1280 x 800 pixels screen resolution, built-in NVIDIA Tegra 3 four core processor, frequency up to 1.2 GHz, and using the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, tie-in 1.2 million front camera, use up to 9.5 hours long.

The third is the apple iPad Mini. Although the market more or less some surprise, but apple 7.85 inches of mini tablet PC still have good performance. Gizmodo think, in the future years of market, iPad Mini will become a powerful force.

How Long Can Support When Hardware Technology Fast Innovation Apple Advantage

The Wall Street journal articles on Thursday, points out that the recent sharp fall in share prices apple ultimately comes from a question: what is the iPhone manufacturer of hardware or software company. From the present situation look, apple more like a software company. This is why the apple shares in September after a record, cumulative decline has reached 22% of the reason.
Hardware industry history quite brutal, this is mainly because the rapid technology innovation. SONY Walkman once popular already pass away, and SONY iconic television has also been commercialization (the so-called commercialization, which means that they are as a goods, people don’t care products production by who. Whether scale or manufacturing experience, can protect dell or HP PC manufacture industry in the leading position. The emergence of the iPhone to nokia and RIM shares appear slump. Today, the above mentioned five companies market value is only $75 billion, is only one 7 of apple market value.

The apple in fiscal year 2014 earnings per share $46 pessimistic expectations, still means that the company still has a very profitable business. More importantly, in the balance sheet lose apple huge cash reserves, means that the company after the current dynamic p/e ratio only nine times.

The change of mobile phone industry has always been very quickly, in a sexy products can be quickly capture the market share, but in the more popular products appeared, and then the previous product will disappear. The gift of iPhone broke this trend. It’s exclusive software and innovation design, user always encouraged to use the latest iPhone. As long as apple continue to maintain its software lead, avoid to commit more like apple map to let consumers over the mistake, it’s circulation business should be able to give shareholders apple huge returns.